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Cybersec21 is an SCCISP Authorized Training Partner

SCCISP Authorised Training Partner

The World is becoming Smarter......Smarter Buildings, Smarter Cities, Smarter People and of course, Smarter Cyber Criminals.The SCCISP Certification is a global first of its kind. A certification roadmap for Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Security. The SCCISP Certification provides the next generation of Cyber and Privacy professionals the necessary skills to deploy security and privacy by design principles within Smart City and Critical Infrastructure Eco-Systems.




The SCCISP Certification is an IoT Security Institute educational initiative to provide a certification course that offers professional recognition, and an industry recognised credentialed career pathway for Cyber and Privacy professionals working within the IoT-IIoT Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure sectors.Earning the SCCISP proves you have the necessary skills to competently securely design,implement and manage IoT-IIoT Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure eco-systems.


C21 can assist individuals and organisations obtain the SCCISP certification through a combination of online and inhouse training programs. 

For more information on available training options please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view .


Visit the SCCISP Register  Click Here.

SCCISP Register