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ICS Cyber Tools

 CyberSec21 ultimately is product agnostic: we seek the best fit solutions for our clients.  We support inhouse developed products and also represent the best of breed products.

  • Pen Testing: These are some of our preferred tools:
    • Nessus 
    • MetaSpoit 
    • BurpeSuite    
    • Kali Linux 
  • Cyber Threat Hunting & Cyber Threat Intelligence: -Rather than waiting for security alerts to investigate, more and more enterprises are adding the ability to hunt for signs of a compromise.
    • Infocyte HUNT
  • Log Analysis etc:
    • Splunk - We have deep experience with Splunk and find it useful in a coordinated campaign.  
  • Test Management Tools: -
  • CyberSec21 will usually adopts the corporate standard when part of a larger test campaign.  Our experience includes:
    • HP Quality Centre and lighter weight tools such as
    • Microsoft Test Manager and Team Foundation Server (TFS)), and others.  
    • We have such extensive experience in large testing programs using top tools such as HP QC, that other approaches present little challenge.
  • Source Code Analysis Tools -
  • We have extensive experience in establishing a process framework of source code static analysis incorporated into source code formal review.  This assists early detection of security vulnerabilities and has the added benefit of improving coding quality generally:
    • Parasoft and HP Fortify  are some of our favourite tools.  
    • There isn't a one-solution-serves-all approach though as (i) certain industries and technology stacks are better served by some niche tools, and (ii) using multiple tools with similar coverage is usually worthwhile.  Whichever tools we use, it’s really our deep experience at the source code level and establishing quality frameworks based on automated source code scanning that counts.
  • In-house Tooling - CyberSec21 is building our own niche tooling for specific challenges.  We continue to innovate addressing needs of our clients.