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CYBERSEC21 was founded on one key principle.

All organisations have been hacked, just some know it and some do not.

Now what can be done about it?

From this point of departure, we reviewed our ICS service offerings, looked at opportunities and synergies to bring together cyber threat intelligence, security architecture, risk management, advanced testing methodologies, and cyber hunting as part of an overall organisational cyber defence strategy, security services suite and cyber technical advisory service.



As experienced ICS Cyber Security and IT professionals with considerable experience in the Australian and International marketplace we have observed many of security tools and devices deployed are simply inadequate.Or not fit for purpose.They do no have the ability to combat emerging cyber threats with ever increasing levels of complexity or repel advanced persistent threats launched by determined and committed  cyber attackers.


A concerning fact: Globally, the average Enterprise takes 169 days to discover Malware and in EMEA it is 469 days.

If these statistics are to be believed, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise, then the majority of Australian corporations have been duped.

With millions of dollars invested over the years in security software and hardware controls, compliance standards and governance frameworks cyber attackers (on average) have in excess of 160 days to pick their moment to strike at an organisation's critical assets. They may remain dormant on your network, launching an opportunistic attack when the commercial, political or personal motivation is at it's height.

Cybersec21 considers this at best a very poor ROI, and at worst setting the stage for a major incident that could cause irreparable damage to an organisation's brand, financial position and reputation.



There are many reasons; one is that many organisations have traditionally overly relied upon consultancy sales of tick-the-box solutions, emphasising the supply of personnel or devices to provide services and strategies mitigating theses risks. Consultancies are often more concerned with keeping the head count up and maintaining billable hours than providing the required cyber strategy and cyber tools to identify and combat emerging attacks and manage their threat landscapes. Instead, more generic security service are offered, overlooking current ICS threat landscapes and emerging market trends.



Cybersec21 distinguishes itself because we do not simply supply the traditional services. We understand the changing nature of the digital world, of cyber attacks, the emergence of new actors and threat scenarios. We are entirely focussed on providing our clients with best of breed services, modern approaches and providing a technical advisory service.

We rate Cyber Threat Intelligence and Defence as core values in our service offerings. We deploy best of breed and also develop inhouse tools to build a broader capability and to address specific requirements or respond to emerging challenges. We acknowledge traditional “security services” have often left Australian organisations only marginally more secure.

We believe every organisation requires more timely awareness of their attack profile and detailed knowledge of the threat landscape.

It is no longer adequate for organisations to have a misguided aspect of security because their AV is current and their Firewalls are working as expected. Are these security controls important? Absolutely, in fact critical.  Are they capable of repelling an orchestrated attack from within your network that has been six months in the planning? Not likely.

This is where Cybersec21 is different.  We appreciate organisations need the next generation of Cyber Security expertise and tooling to assist them in meeting their objectives and understanding the threat. These objectives are achieved by evidence gathering and contextual analysis. cross team collaboration, and training of inhouse security teams on the latest in threat intelligence services.



We deploy, train, and empower your organisation to repel the cyber invasion before your customers are aware of it - and perhaps before you are aware of it.  And we give you a “time since last validation” for your entire network.

Cybersec21 is a next generation Cyber Security Company combining: Cyber Hunters, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Security Architects, Technical Infrastructure QA  and Ethical Hackers.

A new breed that acknowledges past controls have often been ineffective and that new technologies and advanced threat defence strategies are at the core of an organisation’s ability to combat emerging cyber threats and cyber crime.