Security as a Service

Implement a Virtual Information Security Office to assist you with all your Cyber and Cloud related Security activities.Our experienced team covers all aspects of a typical Security office.

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Security & Privacy Consulting

We will assist you with ad hoc security consulting services, Strategy, Policy, Standards and framework development, Security Data Analytics, regulatory and compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, Privacy etc.

Cybersec21 Security Consulting

SCCISP Authorized Training Partner

The World is becoming Smarter......Smart Building, Smarter Cities, Smarter People and of course, Smart Cyber Criminals.The SCCISP Certification is a global first of its kind. A certification roadmap for smart cities and critical infrastructure security. The SCCISP Certification provides the next generation of Cyber and Privacy professionals the necessary skills to deploy security and privacy by design best practices within Smart City and Critical Infrastructure Eco-Systems.

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Hunting & Threat Intelligence

Working with you to design and implement Cyber Hunting and  Cyber Threat Intelligence services to protect your data,systems,processes and procedures in an everchanging and evolving digital economy.